Living Stone Landscapes strives to discover your landscape dreams and needs. We work to
create that from with in the realities of availability and budget. We are familiar with all the
elements of landscape design, permeable paving, and native plantings - providing various
styles that are favorable to you.


Our Services

The quality of a Landscape is not determined by its cost. Quality is determined by how beautifully
and gracefully a landscapes elements blend together to accomplish their purpose.

Landscape Design

Landscape is functional art. It must fulfill form and purpose. Great Landscapes fulfill multiple purposes with great beauty.

At LivingStone Landscapes we create your landscape. It is yours and it must edify you. We work to discover your landscape dream and needs. Then we create it from the available local materials.

Permeable Paving

LivingStone Landscapes is experienced and proficient incorporating current “best management practices” into the residential landscape. These storm water control and green initiatives are becoming more prevalent in our area. We do: permeable paving, rain gardens, infiltration berms, infiltration trenches, and native planting. We are comfortable working with the local regulations concerning these items. Going green doesn’t have to break the bank or create zoning issues.

Native Planting

Native plants can offer a lot of benefit to the local landscape. We are dedicated to insuring our native plantings are beautiful and functional. Native projects can provide valuable ecosystem and habitat for various species. LivingStone Landscapes has successfully created micro habitat for butterflies, Honey bees and other pollinators.

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